Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Yesterday ♥

Yesterday [01.11.2010] my Boyfriend and me had our 3 Anniversary
He suprised me with a Stay at a 5-Star Hotel for our Special Day.

So when i came into our Room there was a Heart with Rose petals on the Bed with a Paper in the middle of it.

[it says " everyone is a Angel with only one Wing, and we can fly if we embrace each other" ]

After we visit our Room we chilled a bit and wachted this Movie on Tv.

At 6 o'clock we finally had our Dinner *__* It was a 5-course Menu and OMG i never eat so much and so good Food in my Live xD it was so much Food that i couldnt even eat everthing but i had to even if i was Full, cause it was sooooo delicious, the decoration of our Table was sooo Cute too with candles and Rose petals

and i think i never drunk so much Alcohol like on this Day O__O we had 4 Glasses one for water, one for Red wine, one for liqueur and one for sparkling wine XD !

The next morning [today] we had our yummy Breakfast and a Bath in Rose petals [lol so much rose petals everywhere xD] after that both of us had a "Face wellness Massage" so relaxing *__*

so then we went Home but taked one last Picture [btw sry for not more Pictures but it was kinda embarrassing taking pictures when others looking at you xD]

I thank God that i meet you my Love Thanks for this very very indescribable Day with you


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