Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Boggy Peak Meeting 27.11.2010 & International Manba Day

Hello all ^-^

Sorry I just realised that I didnt post for almost over 4 weeks. Im very busy at the moment because of my 1 year old son, hes getting so activ that i have to watch every move he takes, cause hes almost walking ^-^ and when i have time i feel more like refill my energie then doing a post ^^;;;

Sooo on 27.11.2010 i met my Boggy Peak Girls/Boys When almost everyone arrived, we waited for Hunny for i think an half hour but she didnt came and we walked to "Burger King" to eat something, cause some of us were hungry xD after we eaten we walked to make purikura, and wtf SUPRISE ! there was Hunny ^-^ seems like we missed her somehow ^^;;;

but now for the pictures ! Alinas Boyfriend Binh made some HQ pictures of us and was our personal pararazzi XD ! I took my Camera too but didnt made much pictures ^^

Top - From Left to Right: Kei, Jana, Freundin von Aii, Aii, Laura, Claudia
Bottom - From Left to Right: Me, Alina, Pai

Left to Right: Claudia, Alina, Me

Kei and Me

Pai and me and a Piece of Hunny ^-^

Alina and me at Photoshooting xD !


Hunny and Laura


Pai and Jana

Alina and Hunny



a video that Pai made

a video that Ai made

It was so much Fun and i miss everyone already ;o;
I Love ya all & i hope i meet the rest of Boggy Peak next Time <3

International Manba Day

The 27.11.2010 was not only the Day when the Boggy Peak meeting was, it was also the International Manba Day ^-^ Its amazing how many Gals did Manba Make up on this Day.
It was the first Time for me, its not the best but i think its okay for the beginning ^-^

soo this is it for today, next time i post about Circle lenses cause i made a big order ^-^

SEE YA <3btw sry for my bad English .__.


Yukitty hat gesagt…

Your gyarusa is amazing ♥ Just wanted to say that :)

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

awww *__* thank you very much <3

Anonym hat gesagt…

der tag war so schön *__*
ich hoffe das nächste treffen kommt bald ;D

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

jaa ich freu mich auch schon auf nächste treffen *___* <3

yui hat gesagt…

Ihr seht alle so toll aus! ♥

Eloïse Dao hat gesagt…

Ohh beautiful!! :o

Wen hat gesagt…

You look gorgeous! :D Looks that you had fun ^u^
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Anonym hat gesagt…

Jelly,du hast nen Award von mir bekommen :3