Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Beware of Liz Lisa Fake / my New mobile Case

i ordered a Liz Lisa Foxtail some weeks ago and it came today, what should i say? im totaly disappointed cause its fake ! Even if the seller says "***All item are 100% authentic.
I never sell any fake items at very cheap price." she also said its a "First Version" of the Item and the Original Liz Lisa Picture is the "New Version" but Liz Lisa dont ever selled a "first version" of this and some other items see sells ? O.o" i show you some examples.

so this is my Liz Lisa fake Foxtail i got:

and this is Original Liz Lisa:

and compare:

and a link to her site with the Liz Lisa "first version" and "new version"

if you klick the next pictures of the site you see more "first & new Versions" so the seller also sells fake clothes too.

Compared to original liz lisa and the "first version" (fake)

thanks to a friend who helped me alot to see its fake, but really the foxtail was such a bad quality and such a bad fake, everyone could see this XD so next time if you fake something, do it a little bit better, so noone can notice it <__<

btw this is the Facebook Shop i bought from:

LIZ LISA Tralala ♥ ♥ ♥ Sweet biibaby on Facebook!/pages/LIZ-LISA-Tralala-Sweet-biibaby/358201765984

New Mobile Case

i got a new mobile case some days ago, and wanted to show it ^-^ its for my Palm pre but as far as i know its also available for the IPhone.

And yes this is Black Sui (Alina) and Laura and me as a Purikura wallpaper on my Phone XD !
you should visit there Blog too, i always enjoy to read there Blogs ^__^v

Black Sui ->
Laura ->

& a New / Old Picture of my Make Up ~

next Post will be about my Order - Ma*rs Clothing & Lucky Bag & Yumetenbo ^_~ <3 Mata ne {。^◕‿◕^。} ~~~~


KatoKathy hat gesagt…

=O I've only bought from that seller once last year and thankfully the items I got were authentic. I've stopped buying from her since the prices charged are getting a bit higher than before.

I have the same dress in white and was wondering about the whole brown lace alignment too but of course when it's a sewed pattern like that it can't be 100% same for all copies. (not sure if it's the same for the white/pink versions). I'm positive I have the authentic one though, because I've seen the fakes in person and the bad quality is really obvious. The colors are faded, washed-out and material is different. It's supposed to be fluffy/soft. So even if the above is a fake, it's definitely of good quality and close to the original compared to Taobao's items or something. ^^;;

Anonym hat gesagt…

I bought a top from that seller too. I didn't really like her customer service at all!!! I mean she never replies unless you leave her a message on her Facebook wall or the title of the email says "want to buy".
Also, in one of her photo, she didn't REALLY COVER the weblink of her photos and this is how I found out where she got her liz lisa cloth from. To my surprise, they are so cheap. For example, one liz lisa skirt on that website cost $149 chinese yuan, which it equals 22.62 USD. And as a profit, that seller triples the price she purchased!!! That website also do send oversea, but I don't understand chinese very well.
Here is the link:
But keep in mind, the owner of “LIZ LISA Tralala ♥ ♥ ♥ Sweet biibaby “ is from Hong Kong and most Hong Kong people are just all about money, MONEY, AND MONEY!!! To me, its pretty hard to reach her, even through msn. I mean, unless I say “I would like to buy this! Or I can do the payment!”, then she will answer me pretty fast. When asking her if she can lower the price, she is like “I’m sorry”.
Overall, some of her products may be fake and who knows, she can just add an extra couple of dollar to the supplier for just sewing the “liz lisa” logo on to the clothing.

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

ye seems like they buy everything from taobao i also found some pictures from taobao she and another fake liz lisa seller posted as picture and didnt covered the taobao link well so i could see its the same picture as on taobao. hope you understand my english lol xD also i found this ->

sugarbunny hat gesagt…

you know what! I think its better not to buy it from those online facebook shops because I just recently found a way to get the Official liz lisa clothing from the official store!! ^^- it took a while for me to find it!!! *sigh

here is the link:

basically, its a bit of pricy since you need to pay a service fee, but as you can see. When new products are out, the price of the old products are marked down. I think I'm going to give it a try later on. Need to SAVE $$$ first and focus on study!!! ^-~

Anonym hat gesagt…

ahhw~ da sind wir ja auf dem handy :D du hast es so hübsch decoriert *__* und dein make up sieht klasse aus süße <3

Anonym hat gesagt…

Tolles Make-Up-Bild ^__^
Aber das ist ja echt n Kack mit dem Fake T_T
Wenn schon Fakes,dann bitte professionell :'D
Dein Handy ist echt LIEBE *Q*

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

@alice dankeschön süsse <3 aber ich habs nicht selbst dekoriert XD habs gekauft hehe

@Mika Dankeschöööön <3 ja das dachte ich mir auch XD ich hatte ja auch ne liz lisa jacke bestellt als ich mir den fuchsschwanz bestellt hatte und die kam vor 2 wochen an und da sieht man überhaupt kein unterschied zum "original" deswegen bin ich mir eigentlich zu 90% sicher das es kein fake ist aber da kann man sich ja nie sicher sein wenn mans nicht von der offizielen seite bestellt hat .___.

Anonym hat gesagt…

sowas is total ärgerlich X_X

ich bin ein neuer leser
Dein blog is toll : D

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

Dankeschön allerdings gibs hier noch ne menge dinge die ich ändern möchte .___. mann kann zb meine alten post nicht mehr lesen da der "ältere post" button irgendwie weg ist ;___;