Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

EOS WM-102 Brown Contact Review

its time to finally review the lens i got sponsored from Mukuchu. I got the EOS WM-102 Contacts in Brown. They have a very very huge enlarging effekt of 15.00 mm !

(the Right ones on that picture)

i wore them the whole day, and im still whearing them, cause they are more comfortable then i though.

This is what they look like unworen.

close up

I think they dont suite me well, i dont like brown contacts, even if i have brown eyes >__<

They are not my typ of lenses but they make my eyes look huuuuge ^-^ the color blends in well with my own eye color because of the faded design and the Brown/blackish ring makes my eyes looking very dolly.

They are very comfortable!

The color show up very well but its looks a bit blackish in natural lightning.

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