Montag, 28. März 2011

Ichikami ♥ The best Shampoo & Conditioner ever ♥

Hi Gal's <3

Omg i found the best Shampoo & Conditioner ever, a Friend told me about it and said its a super nice Shampoo but i didnt believed at first because i really tested a lot of Shampoo's and alot of Conditioner from Hairdresser too, but Ichikami is definitly my totally favourite !! i knew about this set before because Koda Kumi made promotion for it, but still, you cant believe everything what shows up on TV right ? X'D I already tested it for almost 3 Week's and after the first washing you already have very smooth, straight, glossy and easy to Brush Hair. My hair is very broken because of the whole Bleaching and stuff -__- of course it cant Heal it fully (i think there is no Shampoo who can do it) but like i said it can make it smooth,straight, glossy and easy to Brush and your Hair looks healthy and without SILICON's (my friend told me that it dont have silicons in) and the super Plus point, its smells soooo soooo nice that you want to Eat it ^___^

I think i will buy the whole Black/White line for straight Hair~ I just LOVE it *__*

The Whole Line

Koda Kumi's Promotion for it ^-^

if you like to Buy it, heres the link from where i buyed it~

Click ^-^

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