Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Boggy Peak Meeting

Hey Gal's ^o^

so on Saturday was a Boggy Peak meeting. it was a short time for me, because i could just stay for 2 hours -__- i totally came to late, but if this isnt enough the train was late for i think 20 min too.... i didnt eat anything that day and had to dive about 2 and half hours to düsseldorf and 2 and half hours back from düsseldorf, so i was very hungry. i just said HI~ to everyone for about 5 min and leaved for eating something, when i came back almost everyone was already gone, so i just had about a half hour left to make some Purikura and had to go home again ;__; i was so exided to see "hyper gals" but they had a car accident and had to leave early too ;__; thank god everyone is fine and they are not bad hurt ! but i really wanted to see them, well i hope next time ^__^ so now for the pictures~

SEE YA~ ^O^ <3

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