Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Wonder Eye Blue (Super Nudy Blue) Review


Today i wanna do a super cute contact lens review, i got sponsored from Pinky Paradise
i got the Wonder Eye Blue (Super Nudy Blue) from the Brand G&G

i will add some picture later, what they look like unworn, cause i have them in atm X'D

so now for the review ^-^


and a last picture with my SLR Cam

i wanted to make more, but it makes my eye always blurred and the rest sharp, dunno why x__X" if someone knows why please help X'D

BTW, if you purchase something from Pinky Paradise you can use the coupon code kawaiijelly

By entering this coupon code:

1. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts
2. The coupon code can be stacked, If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.
4. The code has no expired dates ^-^

besides that pinkyparadise has:

1. Great choices. 350 plus choices of circle lenses, ranging from natural series, enlarging series to cosplay series)
Ready stocks. Products will be shipped out in 1-3 days.
More than just circle lenses. PP also carries lashes, mascara, facial mask to BB cream and etc
PinkyParadise is ‘your eye make up one-stop online beauty store’

They look very cute and dollish, because of the entlargement effect. i always wanted to try them, and i LOVE them so much, i got them in GREY too.

They are very comfortable!

the color shows up very well, but not very noticebel, like the name say nudy blue ^-^

all in all i really love them, and they are now 1 of my favourite pair of lenses, yay ! ^__^

Caution Notes:

You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any contact lens. It is your responsibilities to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses (which is provided in the website). The rule of thumb for your eye safety is, if you experience any discomfort, please remove the lens immediately.


Dudu hat gesagt…

Hi Jelly!
I had to close my old blog Dudu`s great adventure, and I`m so sad about it.... So I created a new blog! Please check it out! Thank you! :3

...btw your makeup is gorgeous!

Mona ♥ hat gesagt…

die bilder sind ja schön und gut
aber sehr unbrauchbar für nen review
erlich gesagt

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

@Dudu thanks for letting me know, i will check your blog <3 and thanks you very much ^-^

@Mona findste ? was kann ich denn besser machen ? bzw haste irgendwelche tips ? ^-^ eigentlich war es ja geplant die mit der spiegelreflex zu machen, aber die verschwimmt meine augen komischerweise und macht alles andere was nicht nah ist scharf <__<