Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Japan Tag / Grey Hair

Hey Gal's

Yesterday was "Japan Day" [a japanese event in germany - düsseldorf] all in one it was a awful day for me :( the beginning was my personal only highlight this day, after we arrived with the train we met Kitai and Rene, Rox and her friend Juujube Pin, and Sascha . there was others too, but i dont know there names ;__;
after that my friend and i was going to eat something, on the way we met Bella and a friend of her *_* i met them all very very short, cause i thought i see them later again, but didnt see them again cause there was soooo many people everywhere v__v ... i didnt even take pictures with them ;__;

anyway .. we eat something at "Naniwa" but we had to wait 1 and half hours, i think almost 2 hours to get something to eat -__- i was eating "ramen" like always lol and my friend and me had some fried "things" X'D i dont know the name of it, forgot it lol

Tan Tan

fried "thing" lol

after that we walked to the u-bahn station, cause we was to lazy to walk to the "japan day" X'D btw the upper picture are the only one i made v__v so you can see a Cosplayer video here.

my friend made a short video, have to ask her to send it to me X'D

after beeing for about a bit more then 1 hour there, we taked the train back to "düsseldorf" city ... we wanted to make some purikura but u know .... the shop was full too, so we decided to go to another shop and buyed some sweets to eat :/ after that we wanted to go to drink bubble tea at BOBOQ düsseldorf ... woah wtf, i thought they want to kidding me x__X i think more then 100 people waited to get a bubble tea ... uhm we left and eat some donuts at dunkin' donuts ... but we had some time left so we decided to wait .. with the 100 + people ! 1 hour waiting, still waiting, half hour .. still waiting, okay i thought this cant be true, the day before i was so happy to drink my bubble tea, cause we dont have a bubble tea shop here ... i waited 1 and half hours and had about still 10 people before me, so i wanted to ask the boss if he can make me one, cause my train arrived in 5 min. he said go to wait like the other do, so i walked out the shop, was very upset and walked to the train station. i waited 1 and half hour, just sooo -___- on the way to the train i drank something with mango at Starbucks, but i didnt really like it x__x we drove back and i was happy when i was finally at home.


Some days ago i colored my hair grey, i think its a bit to dark.

Outfit from Yesterday

Make Up~

i will upload the video when i get it from my friend ^-^

i also wanted to show you something that you maybe like, if you like koda kumi ^-^

Just Dance in Japanese with songs of Koda Kumi & other artists

2 Koda Kumis songs - Wont belong & cutie Honey

i made a video today

hope my english isnt to hard to understand, wishing you all a good night ~ see ya ^__^


Anonym hat gesagt…

ich finde die haarfarbe steht dir super <3 !!!

Yoghurtqueen hat gesagt…

Oh wow, du siehst immer so toll aus! *_* Und die Haare sehen klasse aus! Ich würd gern mehr von deinen Outfits sehen, du bist echt eine Inspiration für mich!! ^.^ Weiter so!!

Mai hat gesagt…

love the makeup (:

CMPang x

Kate hat gesagt…

You look great! (*^^*)

Poo hat gesagt…

Du erinnerst mich total an Sakurina ♥

Sami Spoon hat gesagt…

You look fantastic!!

Gyaruru hat gesagt…

Can U make some make-up tutirial? U have sooooo amazing eyes^^!

Grüße aus dem Polnischen;)

Pomo* hat gesagt…

Die Farbe steht dir gut! :D
Gott... am Japantag hab ich eine Frau gesehen, die so aussah wie ud.. und ich wusst jetzt nicht.." Ist sie das?!" .. aber.. das warst ja doch du.. QAQ ui... x'3

☆ ♪KAWAiiRiBBON♪ ☆ hat gesagt…

Hab grad deinen Blog gefunden! <3
Gleich mal followen!
Deine grauen Haaren find ich übrigens Klasse! ^^

Anonym hat gesagt…

cute blog! love ur eye makeup n ur look~ =))

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments <3

@Gyaruru i want to make one, but seems like im to stupid to connect my SLR cam with my computer |'D

@Pomo ohh vielen dank, ist mittlerweile total ausgeblichen, und jetzt hab ich so ne seltsame nicht definierbare farbe haha X'D schade hättest mich ruhig ansprechen können, hätte gerne mit dir geredet -^-^-

sandra hat gesagt…

youre eyes...woooooowwwwww :)

i like uuuu