Freitag, 20. April 2012

Favourite & Cute Blogs

Hey Gal's i wanted to show you my favourite Gajin Gal's Blog's & some others i check almost everyday.

who doesn't know her ? She is so damn Pretty and Funny, i also LOVE to watch her Video's i could watch them for hour's X'D

Anji Azusa
she's cute like sugar *__* love to see Pictures of her  

Sui Princess
very good hime blog, she blog's everyday and got nice Pictures

Shani Mama
Super Cute Gyaru Mama with Super Cute Kid's & also got a great Fashion sense, she's one of my best Friend's thanks for always been there for me <3 I LOVE U <3

Super Pretty Gal <3 has a really great Style

Very Cute Gal, has a great style too <3

Sarah Hockemeier
Pretty German Girl, Blogs about her Life & Fashion <3

i like alot of other Blog's too, but thats it for the beginning X'D there is also NO Order Above i like them all. you can post your bloglink in the comments if you like, i will check it ^-^
see ya next time 

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