Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Princess Nudy Pink Lens & New Nails

Hey Gal's

today i want to show you circle lens i got sponsored from
i was very curious to try them *__* actually i thought they are the same like these "Geo Nudy Pink" but they are not, they are more Pink then Baby Pink, but in a more redish way. so fist when i saw them i thought "Omg i will look like a demon" but i was totally wrong, i think they look pretty natural, more like a bown in real life ^-^ but you can see it by yourself on the pictures. i hope you like the review, cause i put effort in it to make this review better then the last one's to show the details better ^-^~

the Lens itself
Package *_*

more Packing X'D

Tsubasa Masuwaka is on the bottle *__* so cute ~~~~

some webside information:

Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00  
Life Span : 1 Year
B.C : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.7 mm
Origin : South Korea

you can also read it and see other pictures right here on there website ^-^

big thanks to for sponsoring them <3

Close up - they look Redish [ and a bit messy make up u_u i tryed this make up style for the first time, looks a bit strange cause u can see my real lower lashes X'D my mother told me it looks like the meat from my eye comes out LOL creepy X'D]

Looks a bit Pinkish here

and brownish on these pictures, as you can see the color looks diferend, depends on the light. in real it looks natural and more like dark brown eyes, for these who dont know, my real eye color is brown, as you can see on the pictures above. i would be very interested in seeing this lens on blue eyes, i think they would be red then ^-^ also i wanted to say that the diameter is 14,7mm so it has not a big entlarging effekt, but thats okay, cause they look natural this way. <3

i also made my nails some days ago ^-^ as u may noticed already on the pictures, i think they turned out pretty well, even if i was super lazy to make new ones v__v

thats it for today, but i have alot of stuff to blog about, some new things arrived, maybe you can already guess what it is on the pictures !? X'D if so write it in the comments ~ ^-^

much love x x x


Riina hat gesagt…

Ist das eine Wig ?? : D Oder sind das deine echten Haare ??^^

Suzu Blog hat gesagt…

omg ! du siehst einfach nur hammer aus !!!! ;__;

Yoyo hat gesagt…

The packaging is so cute~! The lenses really suit you :D And you nails are so pretty~!

Annie hat gesagt…

Those lenses look so pretty on you!

Poo hat gesagt…

I ♥ your nails :3

Lizzie ♥ hat gesagt…

Oooh they look great on you! You're so pretty ^^

Jelly ギャル hat gesagt…

@Riina ja es ist eine X'D
@Suzu Danke schnuckel <3
Yoyo,Annie, Poo & Lizzie thank you very much im very happy you liked my nails <3