Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

UPDATE - Sakurina's Movie Girls Life Online Stream

Movie is Completly up now, check it here

Have Fun watching it


Sana hat gesagt…

I was wondering where could I watch it!

TorukoGyaru hat gesagt…

omg thank you sooooo much for this *____* I love Sakurina ^^

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ hat gesagt…

Konichiwa Jelly-chan! ^__^

Thanks for posting Sakurina's movie.
I had been wanting to watch that movie long time ago but couldn't find the movie~

I saw your blog and came to say hi to you ^_^

Feel free to visit my blog

Talk to you soon <3

Pri hat gesagt…

Yay thank you so much. I actually had trouble with downloading the separate clips before and could only watch the first part but now I can watch the full movie yay THANK YOU! <3