Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Koneko & Diet & Nails & Helter Skelter Drama

Hey Gal's

yay new blogpost after ages ...
im sorry T^T
actually i have problems with my notebook, hes getting really hot after minutes, and turns off then, i have to change the cooler, but im kind of lazy T^T

anyways i got a German Japanese Pop Culture Magazine today, named "Koneko"
so i just wanted to show you some pictures i made, form the content i found interesting, im sure some of you will also like it,cause there is a German Gal inside ^__^


me with magazine and Brown Hair ~

... no not really i guess i woud never color them brown, its just a wig, i already posted in my last Posts, i guess it just dosent suit me ^-^;;

Sailor Moon 20. Anniversary Special
for those who live behind the moon X'D Sailor Moon is getting new Episodes next Year, as far as i now, its based on the Manga ^-^

wrong way -__- but anyways, i hope you can see it, i didnt know Sailor Moon was censored so hard in USA ... they censored the transformation [... wuwu and wawa ... X'DD]

im sorry if you cant read it, i just says that Tales of xillia will come to the European marked soon, i just love all the Tales... Games !

Tales of Graces will come end of the Month ! Cant wait ! 

im very excided about this movie, i Loved DBZ so Hard LOL as far as i know the movie will play after the whole DBZ Story ~

 Liz Lisa Hat ~<3

this is very interesting too, if you didnt watch Rurouni Kenshin, you HAVE to watch it, its one of my Favourite Anime Movies, so sad T^T

 now the last, you all know her right ? ^-^ its Sui Princess
there is also a cute hairtutorial in ^-^ and you can read "how to hime" 

uhmm... actually i dont know why i took this picture loool ...

my new nails, it a bit to dark, but i hope you can see it, its Baby Pink with Glitter and Leopard ^-^

also i wanted to shortly tell, that im on diet since 5 weeks, i already lost 3,3kg its not much but i seem to lose it slowly, because im already trying to lose weight since 3 years... after my pregnancy i gained 10 kg, so i want to lose them now, im pretty proud of myself, cause normaly i break it up after 2 weeks, but this time im fully motivated to finish this Shit T^T 
if you ask yourself how i do it, its simple, i just eat less, i know this doesnt help very much, but all i do is forcing myself to eating less, and dance some Wii Just Dance ^^::

another thing i wanted to show you all is a new Japanese Drama, i would really like to see it, if someone of you know its and saw it with Eng sub, please tell me,i would be very Glad ^__^

thats it for today, i will write again, as soon as i fixed my notebook, at this moment im writing this, he is burning like hell, and i hoped the whole entry that he doesnt turn off T^T but the worse is that its so damn hot here, so i open the window and tataaaa~~ 139246433764374 of insekts in my room, i get attaked from because of notebook light  ...


wishing you all a Good Night <3
Love x x x


The Lovely Ify hat gesagt…

aww you make up looks so lovely! Good luck with your diet :D I wanna watch that new drama too! If you ever find out whether or not it has subs, please make a post about it letting your followers know.

Sana hat gesagt…

That's so good!!I wish we had such magazine here,too!
Also,your pics are so lovely!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Es ist Erika Sawajiri ☆ Helter Skelter!!

Ami hat gesagt…

Your makeup looks so great!!! What a cute little blog I've stumbled upon~❤