Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Av Gal Mana Izumi sings + new Asus laptop in Pink

Hey gal's

i dont know if you already knew it, but i just found out that Mana Izumi Sing's O.ô i just found it, and i think her voice sounds nice, i like her song "Black Butterfly" very much <3 ~ but the others are good also

it already now doesnt leave my head XD i love it, i wish i could get all this 3 songs, you can buy them for about 200yen at itunes store, but somehow its not working for me v__v annnd anyway here is 1 full song on youtube, and its my favourite <3

maybe some of you already know that my laptop broke yesterday so im writing from my old computer now, buuut there are not much days left till i fly to Japan, so i decided to buy a new one on rates >__< cause i wouldnt survive without a laptop in Japan without seeing my son & my boyfriend via webcam ;___;
acutally its a kick in my ass to buy a laptop now cause i need to save money for japan, and i ordered a new room for my son means new closet, bed, commode, writing desk etc. but i was lucky that i can start the rates in 100 days, so after Japan, and also its a pretty good laptop and pretty cheap for the things that are in. AND ! its Pink lol
so if any of my german readers need a good and cheap new laptop, you should buy this, i still didnt test it, but im sure its a pretty good gamer laptop. Plus i can Play Tera online in Nice Graphic now *^*

i have 2 Days left till the Furniture from my Son arrives, so i need to buy wall paint tomorrow, and i guess a friend of mine will help me to paint. maybe i will blog about it then ^-^

sooo im going to sleep now ~
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Vicky~Jennifer hat gesagt…

Ooo I love Mana!! X3

Chirality hat gesagt…

You're so breathtaking beautiful <3 I absolutely love to read your blog, I hope you'll post a lot about your trip to Japan. ;D

rivriv hat gesagt…

She is fab ;3

Anonym hat gesagt…

wow, laptop before kiddo...

Inge Lakawa hat gesagt…

omg so cute >_< i always want to have pink laptop xD

do you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
visit my blog ^^

Betty Lee Dawson hat gesagt…

Kawaii desu! I wish I could recreate that look! Anyway, your lappie looks neat, too. How was it? I thinking of buying the same brand. I think I will it for myself. - Betty