Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Sayoko Ozaki Inspired Make up & Style Change + i.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Review

Hey Gals

so was so kind to sponsor me the i.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lens, actually i wanted the grey ones like i said in one of my Blogposts before, but they was out of Stock, so i was okay with brown, cause the also looked very good on the Picture they got on there site ^-^

when they arrived, i was kinda shocked when i put them in my eye, cause i really looked like Zombie, who will eat your brain in just some secounds XD but i have to say i had no make up when i put them in ... also i wanted to do a complete Style Change, cause as a Mother its hard to look like a child, when other mothers look at you they will think like a children got a children, they dont even know i will be 26 years next month, im very tiny (1,54 cm) and i look very young, so if i would go with Ma*rs, D.i.a style in the kindergarden to get my son, they would think even worst about me XD so i was thinking a long time about it, and decided to go for a Rienda Style and already sold alot of my Clothes to buy some from Rienda to feel more comfortable.

of course i still have some Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, D.i.a and so on .. clothes, cause i keeped my favourite ones, but i guess i will wear them just on special days ^^;;

so back to the Circle lens, when i searched a bit about Onee Gyaru, i found Sayoko Ozaki

 she is so pretty right ? so i noticed she is always wearing these bright yellowish Circle lens too, so i decided to try a Make up like heres with the i.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle lens <- Click here if you like to buy them.

 this pictures are with my Iphone Cam and indoor Light

and this are with my Sony cybershot dsc-t99 
btw i love this cam, cause it has alot of cool functions like Soft skin, and decorating pictures and so on XD

 Day Light

 Indoor Light

 Close Up

They have a very Big entlargement effect. i like lens with a Big entlargment effect, because if you have big eyes, small lens are sometimes not very noticeble.

They are very comfortable! i wore them the whole day.

the color shows up very well, a bit to well for my liking X'D its says i.Fairy Moe Moe Brown, but for me its more like a Yellow/Green. they look Very good on Pictures, but i would not wear them outside, just on special Days, cause they look very very unnatural.

I Love and would recommend everyone there site cause they got Big eye Circle lenses and also are very Cheap <3
So if you want to go for a Sayoko Ozaki Look, this are definitly your Lens 。◕‿◕。

so this is it for Today, i will do a big Haul post after my Rienda Package arrives ^-^

Also im going in extactly 28 Days to Japan (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

so if you want to see Pictures and so on, you should like my Facebook page, cause i will Post Pictures there every Day ~

also i wish EVERYONE a Happy Easter (◕‿◕✿)


Astralys Alias Nini hat gesagt…

Oh your makeup is very great <3. You're so pretty <3. I think onee style will suit you perfectly ! I search too the same circle lens like Sayoko or Shizuka ! More natural and a very sexy touch. Maybe, you'll find these circle lens in Japan.

I search on D.i.a. more boheme, western clothes. I don't want to look like a child too. I understand you'll need to look like more mature for your child.
Rienda, Duras are very expensive brand but I don't know why... These clothes are more prettier than I can find in France shop. *huhu* (Rienda S/S collection... I love it !)

Have a god Easter with you family !! <3 <3 You're very lucky to go to Japan. I'll check the pictures.

Angel Feliciano hat gesagt…

oh wow! I love your take on her makeup! it's really perfect and the lenses look really nice too! I want <3 I'm such a huge Sayoko fan!!!

Honey Tan hat gesagt…

Lovely makeup. You did a great job!

Inge Lakawa hat gesagt…

its cool that you look so young than your age x3 guess you are better im only 148cm and im 21 xD

do you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
visit my blog ^^

Bee Apple hat gesagt…

Hi Jelly,
This is the first time I have commented on your blog but I have lurked for a long time. I just wanted to say you really inspire me, I want to be a mom soon but have been worring about how to balance Gyaru and motherhood. When I see your posts I think it is possible to do both ^^ So thankyou!

You look beautiful. I love your makeup in these pictures and the new lenses really suit you.

Kri hat gesagt…

omg you look like twins !! you totally did great!

素子 hat gesagt…

Wow I love the lenses and the makeup :D looks awesome ^^

Carizza Chua hat gesagt…

fairy lenses are one of my favorites from uniqso. looks great on you!

Bee Apple hat gesagt…

Hi Jelly,
I love your blog, so I wanted to nominate you for a versatile blog award, you can find out about it here:

Ageha -蝶羽- hat gesagt…

The lenses look great and so does the makeup!

ロキシー hat gesagt…

Your makeup looks great on you (: Love your circle lens as well! They look amazing :D

Singh Style hat gesagt…

Cool, keep it up!

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