Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

UNIQSO - GEO CM902 Berry Cessy Brown Review - Japan Haul & Trip - Outfits & Animal Crossing

Hey Gal's

so today i want to Blog about some things, since i blogged a long while ago, and its time for doing some nice entrys again ^-^

First of all i want to Review some nice Big eye circle lenses from UNIQSO.
do you remember my other entry with the Moe Moe Brown Circle lens i got from Uniqso also ? if not you can see it here and compare to the lens im reviewing today.

This is how it looked when i opened the package *^* thank you UNIQSO <3

last time i said, the circle lens was good for pictures, and perfect for the sayoko ozaki look, and a bit creepy, but the ones im reviewing today, are natural, perfect for the sayoko ozaki look also, AND i can wear them outside without lookin creepy XD they kinda look greenish again, like the last ones, but this ones are a natural green color, and i absolutly love them, my new favourite lens <3

This is a close up how they looked when i wore them <3

click for better pictures ^-^

and some days ago my friend and i made some pictures with my SLR Cam, and i wore my new favourite lens there too XD so im showing you my pictures, from this day too.

they are not really gyaru, cause i think this kind of make up is suiting myself better, but i wore my lovely Duras Dress i bought in Japan, and so we are going to the next Topic: my flight to Japan, and Buyings.

it was the first time i was flight, so u can imagine, i almost didnt sleep the whole night, and also i was to exited xD i wont tell much about my Trip, cause i dont know, it wasnt that good like i was expected. we went to alot of shopping centers, so i cant tell much, i guess pictures tell more, then babbeling XD Abu Dhabi, was very hot, we got sunburned in less in 1 hours !? dunno but we looked like tomatos >_< but we where on a Safari Trip in the Dune, i think this was the Highlight from the Whole Vacation.
they are tooo much pictures from my Japan and Abu Dhabi Trip, so im uploading them all on Facebook, i already upoaded about 50 or so. 

you can see them on my page here:

before im starting with my Japan Buying, i want to make a short notice XD
i bought "Animal Crossing New Leaf" some days ago, so if you are Playing too, feel free to add me and leave a comment below with your friendcode, i just love this game *__*

Friendcode: 3136 - 7696 - 6984

love <3 and also a book about Japan, it says something like " this i why japanese ppl bothering " dont know if this is the right german - english translation, but the book is good and i just read about 15 sites ^-^
so now to a part of my japan buyings, cause it is just to much, and i dont want to spam you all X'D
 Esperanza Shoes, and Rienda Spray Sweet Holic Mist, i love this Smell, they also got a Parfum, but it cost like i dont know 6000 yen ? to bad, cause i wont pay so much for just a eau de toilette :/

 Luxe Rose Dress and Oneway Top, 2 of my Favourite Clothings

 Off brand Top and Delyle Noir Set with Top, Skirt and Scarf ^-^

 Off brand Top and Luxe Rose Top, with oneway Belt, also one of my Favourites <3

 by now ... u should notice that almost everything i bought was with Roses lol yeah i was addicted to Roses lol anyway - offbrand Rienda look alike Top and Rienda Top~

 off brand bluse and Luxe Rose top + Cardigan

 Liz Lisa Pullover, its so fluffy <3 i didt expect to buy somethin from liz lisa, but i also bought another yellow pullover with ... who have guessed ??? XD yeah .. Roses, but its in the laundry right now, so i couldnt make a picture. and also some beauty stuff, i love the Organic Rose series, if you have the chance to you should but it, it smells like roses and it makes your skin supeeeer soft. and the other thing on the left side is a hair head protector spray, from the brand "cut fix" but im not really into it.

 Duras Dress (I LOVE IT) and Rienda Top

also i ordered some things from Japan, and it came this days.

Randa Shoes, i wanted to buy them in Japan so bad, i was in 3 Randa Shops, and they always had always Dirty Shoes and wanted to sell them for 6000 yen, also they cleaned them and the back cause they was all used black, and tryed to sell them to me, but lol nooo i wont pay 6000 yen for used dirty shoes XD - and Rienda Dress <3

 Golds Infinity Jacket and Rienda Blouse

  Rienda Jacket i also wanted to buy in Japan, but it was just size S avaible and i need M, and Rienda Tunika <3

last one is a Rienda Top/ Dress, i dont know if i keep it, cause it looks kinda Strange on myself.

last thing i want to show you are some of my Outfits, and make up styles, i also post them all on my facebook page, but also on Instagram here:

 thats it for today, <3


Sugarskullsheart. hat gesagt…

aww du siehst so hübsch aus *__*
& schöne sachen vorallem mit der blumenprint keke xD ~

Anita Musi hat gesagt…

looks really good the circle lens, the colors are pretty

abi hat gesagt…

Those lenses look great on you!!

I absolutely love your look!

Great buys in Japan, BTW! Those florals are so pretty!!

Shall we follow each other on GFC dear?

Take care ^^

Abi from

Fienna hat gesagt…

Wirklich tolle Sachen hast du da gekauft *-* Vor allem das Duras Kleid, das ist soo schön <3

Joshua Hideki hat gesagt…

Lovely pictures!!~
You're absolutely beautiful! :)
Love reading your blog!

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Love your blog btw :))

Kisha Whitt hat gesagt…

:) Danke!

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